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202 Roger Bamber

Connections with Brighton and Hove : Photographer Roger Bamber’s thought provoking, cleverly crafted photographs - very often with connection to Brighton & Hove - regularly appeared in magazines and newspapers, especially the Guardian. So many were published that the University of Brighton awarded him an honorary Master of Arts degree from “for his distinguished photojournalism and the wealth of images of Brighton inspired by the city”. His career began in 1965 when he was 20 and the most junior photographer at the Daily Mail. In his spare time he documented the last days of steam railways in a series of award-winning pictures, and in 1969 he joined Rupert Murdoch’s newly launched Sun newspaper covering hard news, rock, and pop, and even touring with The Stranglers and David Bowie in the 1970s. In 1973 he moved to Brighton, and eventually became a freelance in the 1980’s. The town, its people - and its buses - became his focus. He loved transport. Whether it rolled, flew or floated Roger was fascinated, and he cheerfully accepted an invitation to fill the front covers of Bus Times, a bus timetable and information magazine for Brighton bus users, with a series of 21 stunning pictures between 2001 and 2011. He died in 2022 whilst working on his book Out of The Ordinary which features scores of pictures of his beloved city. An exhibition of his work, Roger Bamber: Out of The Ordinary runs from 1 April to 3 September 2023 at Brighton Museum and Art Gallery.

202 Volvo Gemini - carried name since October 2022.

One of Roger Bamber's Bus Times cover photos