On Route

Brighton & Hoveís innovative travel magazine On Route has been around since 1997.  Produced twice a year itís a companion to Bus Times to encourage people to travel by bus in a way that a timetable book can never achieve.

Written in a lively style, each edition contains articles about places of interest to visit in the area for shopping, leisure, eating or entertainment followed by easy to understand instructions of how to travel there by bus.  Features are also included about people who travel by bus explaining why they use buses as well as interviews with key people who help make the Brighton & Hove area buzz.  Other articles include details on fare and ticket offers as well as background information about the Company and its staff.

Over 30,000 copies are printed and distributed free of charge to a large database by direct mail as well as through special dispensers on every Brighton & Hove bus.

Here are the covers of all the editions produced since 1997.