Names on the buses

945 Rev Alfred Evans

Connections with Brighton and Hove : The Downs were under attack for development as never before in East Sussex after the First World War. Many well-known men and women decided to take action to stop the suburban sprawl. Some formed the Society of Sussex Downsmen, now the South Downs Society. Others like the Rev Alfred Evans were influential through their writing. Evans was Vicar of East Dean with Friston from 1908 to 1929. A friend of his once wrote that he only cared for the ‘three Bs’; these being bees, books and his beloved brethren. He loved the South Downs and wrote several books describing the natural beauties of Sussex; its flora and fauna, as well as ancient churches and other old buildings. His writings and campaigning played an important role in preserving the Downs and encouraging an interest in their wildlife and archaeology, as well as their recreational benefits. Much of the countryside enjoyed by visitors today is the result of the lobbying and publicity of Evans, and his like-minded friends, in the area. Evans was also an extremely diligent local vicar who took great pride in his churches. Born in 1862, he died in 1946.

945 Mercedes Streetdeck on Route 12 - carried name since September 2017.