Names on the buses

925 Adrian Bunting

Connections with Brighton and Hove : Adrian Bunting’s dream was for Brighton and Hove to have its own open air theatre in the city. Many plays are presented in parks but there has been no permanent stage. His dream is now being realised in Dyke Road Park and the news reached him just before his untimely death from pancreatic cancer at 47 in 2013. Bunting arrived in Brighton in 1985 to study at the Polytechnic (now Brighton University). He quickly became keen on open mike events and performances at clubs and pubs which were watched by many people. He compered many of them. Bunting conceived the idea of a stage in Dyke Road Park and gave it an innovative design. Through his energy and commitment, he brought together a group that helped the project get finance and planning permission. The venture called BOAT (Brighton Open Air Theatre), has been designed as a community venue to run for several months each year. Spoken word events, music and film will all figure in a busy programme at the new venture. Bunting wrote and directed many shows at the Brighton Fringe Festival. He believed artistic performers should also have a trade and he was an accomplished builder.

925 Mercedes Streetdeck - carried name since delivery in March 2015 on Coaster Route 12.