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911 William Lillywhite

Connections with Brighton and Hove : Cricketer Frederick William Lillywhite was never modest about his talent and told colleagues: 'I bowl the best ball in England'. Born at Westhampnett near Chichester in 1792, he started work as a bricklayer locally and later moved to Brighton. It took him many years to make his mark as a cricketer and he did not play his first game at Lord’s until 1827 when he was 35. He played in 245 major matches and gained 1,570 wickets. His bowling average was only 11 in them and in all cricket it was just seven. His best year was 1844 when he took 115 wickets despite being over 50. His best single match was for the Players against the Gentlemen in 1837 when he took ten wickets. Lillywhite could also bat steadily and made 2,350 runs. he also took 140 catches. He played 70 matches for Sussex and was also qualified for other counties. He took charge of the Royal Sovereign Inn, Brighton, in 1837 and also had his own cricket ground nearby. He was also coach at Winchester School. Lillywhite also started cricket outfitters in London which eventually under his son James became one of the best know sports stores in Britain. He edited a cricketing journal and became an umpire. He died of cholera at a house in London in 1854 and on his grave in Highgate is the simple word Lillywhite.

911 Scania Omnidekka - carried name since delivery in September 2006 in Metro 25 livery. Changed to Coaster livery April 2008. Repainted into revised Coaster livery October 2011. Coaster branding removed February 2015.