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905 Rev Richard Enraght

Connections with Brighton and Hove : Father Richard Enraght was a priest in the 19th century who went to prison because of his beliefs. He came to Portslade in 1871 after previously working as a curate to Father Arthur Wagner at St Paul’s in Brighton. Father Enraght was a high churchman, active in his defence of ritualism in pamphlets and letters to the Brighton Gazette promoting the return of lost English Catholic practices to the Church of England. As a curate in Portslade, he published a book called Catholic Worship and a pamphlet, 'The Real Presence and Holy Scripture'. He was also the organizing secretary for the National Association for the Promotion of Freedom of Worship, and campaigned for the abolition of pew-rents. The atmosphere in Brighton was very hostile to High Churchmen and the Brighton Gazette was highly vitriolic towards any clergy that introduced lost English Catholic practices into their churches. In 1874 the Government, under the leadership of Disraeli, with the backing of both primates and many bishops, decided to crush ritualism in the Church of England by passing the Public Worship Regulation Act. Later he moved to Birmingham as a vicar and continued High Church practices such as making the sign of the Cross towards the congregation during the Communion. The Church Association, a radical group of Protestants, prosecuted him under the new Act and he was sentenced to 49 days in Warwick Prison in 1880/81. He was convicted under the Act and sentenced to 49 days in Warwick Prison in 1880/81. His absence cost him his living. After being released from prison and serving at Bromley-by-Bow and South Bromley, this priest of conscience and conviction arrived at Bintree to end his ministry and life in a quiet country parish in Norfolk. He died in 1898.

905 Scania Omnidekka - carried name since delivery in September 2006 in Metro 25 livery. Metro 25 branding removed April 2007 and re-applied in September 2007. Changed to Coaster livery in June 2008. Repainted into revised Coaster livery August 2011. Coaster branding removed November 2014.

He lived at 5 Courtney Terrace in Portslade