Names on the buses

870 Gilbert Harding

Connections with Brighton and Hove : Once dubbed the rudest man in Britain, Gilbert Harding has a cutting tongue and was not afraid to use it. He became the first major radio and TV personality in Britain and was a most unlikely choice. After an unsuccessful career as a teacher and policeman, Harding came to broadcasting almost by accident during the Second World War. His gruff manner proved appealing to listeners, and he hosted the radio panel game Twenty Questions for many years. He also appeared on TV in What’s My Line. Harding had a home in the Montpelier area of Brighton for many years and was an instantly recognisable personality in the town. He often visited the Theatre Royal and was always prepared to supply an astringent quote for the local papers. Harding revealed a softer side to his personality shortly before his death when he broke down in tears during a Face to Face interview with John Freeman. He died in 1960 aged only 53 after collapsing with a heart attack on the steps of Broadcasting House in London.

870 Dennis Trident - carried name since delivery in April 2002, repainted into new livery October 2006. Bus sold in April 2015.

What’s my line TV programme