Names on the buses

860 Jack Tinker

Connections with Brighton and Hove : One of the best journalists ever to have worked in Brighton, Jack Tinker was theatre critic of the Evening Argus in the Sixties. He became a notable provincial film critic too and his work was always both perceptive and beautifully written. Tinker also undertook a series of star interviews for the paper under the name of Luke Leavis. Eventually he went to work for the Daily Mail where he achieved national fame. He also occasionally appeared on the stage, thoroughly enjoying himself. Tinker remained living in Brighton and it was a shock to his many friends when he died in 1995 from a heart condition. There is a memorial to him in the western churchyard of St Nicholas in Dyke Road.

860 Dennis Trident - carried name since delivery in March 2001, on METRO Line 5, repainted into new livery in October 2005. Metro 5 branding removed December 2008. Shuttle 6 branding added July 2009. Bus sold in March 2014.

London Opening night press........... VIVA EVITA! Forget the ballyhoo. the show really is a total triumph. A technical knockout, a magnificent earful, a visual triumph and a wow. Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice have taken one giant step forward since the innocent days of Jesus Christ Superstar. They have created not a musical but a full-scale modern opera, full of soaring choruses, decked out with delicate arias and linked with witty recitative. Of course, the story of Eva Peron, the sinning patron saint of Argentina’s post-war poor, is in itself a gift. It combines all the elements of Cinderella, Lady Macbeth and Lorelei Lee. The miracle is that under the direction of that most subtle and tasteful of showmen, Hal Prince, all the potential of her story is realised with stunning visual effects that have nothing at all to do with lavish trimmings. Jack Tinker, Daily Mail

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