Names on the buses

602 Enid Bagnold

854 Enid Bagnold

Connections with Brighton and Hove : The author of National Velvet lived for more than 50 years at North End House in Rottingdean with her husband from 1923, the house originally bought by Sir William Nicholson in 1920. Later Enid and her husband bought The Elms, Kipling’s old house. Her play was made into a film starring Elizabeth Taylor in one of her first roles. Bagnold also wrote The Chalk Garden which is still often performed today. It is clear from the stage directions that it was set in Rottingdean. Described by contemporaries as dark and intelligent, Bagnold claimed to have been deflowered by the notorious rake Frank Harris. Altogether she wrote seven novels and nine plays. She also wrote books for children. Enid Bagnold was known in the village as Lady Jones as she was married to the proprietor of Reuters, Sir Roderick Jones. She was part of the Rottingdean set but was dismissive of Rudyard Kipling, describing him as a little man whom nobody knew well. She died aged 91 in 1981.

602 Scania Omnidekka carried name since delivery in June 2003, repainted into new livery September 2006. Repainted into Route 50 livery April 2012. Bus sold in July 2016. Name reappeared on 854 Mercedes Streetdeck in December 2017.

National Velvet