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844 Caroline of Brunswick

Connections with Brighton and Hove : The true love of King George IV while he was Prince of Wales was Maria Fitzherbert but he could not marry her because she was a Roman Catholic. In 1795 he decided to marry his cousin, Princess Caroline of Brunswick, but this union was not a success. He was said to find her repellently ugly and she was not taken with the Prince and his autocratic ways. They came to Brighton in 1795 after their wedding and stayed at what is now Marlborough House in Old Steine. Their daughter, Princess Charlotte, was born in 1796. But soon after the couple separated. The Prince spent the season of 1796 in Bognor rather than Brighton because of public sympathy with his wife. Princess Charlotte, heir to the throne, died in childbirth in 1817. When the Coronation ceremony was held for George IV in 1821, his wife was refused access to the ceremony.

844 Dennis Trident - carried name since delivery in March 2001, on METRO Line 5, repainted into new Metro 5 livery in October 2004. Repainted into standard livery May 2009. Bus sold in August 2013. Name reappeared on Mercedes Streetdeck 843 in December 2017.

Marlborough House