Names on the buses

829 John Carcass

Connections with Brighton and Hove : Punch and Judy shows are a bawdy form of entertainment mostly associated with the English seaside. So, it was a surprise when John Philip Carcass, Brighton’s Punch and Judy man, was invited to Osborne House on the Isle of Wight to give a performance to Queen Victoria and her family including the Prince of Wales. History does not record whether the show was cleaned up for Her Majesty or whether Queen Victoria was amused. But Carcass did appear before a number other distinguished audiences. Carcass claimed in the thirties that his was the third generation of his family to be the official purveyors of Punch and Judy shows in Brighton. He had several children, so the entertainment was able to carry on after Carcass had died and the Second World War was over Later the honour passed to the talented but outrageous Mike Stone. The current incumbent is Glyn Edwards.

829 Mercedes Streetdeck on Route 7 - carried name since November 2017.