Names on the buses

456 Charles Busby

824 Charles Busby

Connections with Brighton and Hove : Great buildings need great architects and Brighton was fortunate to be served by a man with the talent of Charles Busby. With his partner, Amon Wilds, Busby built many of the great Regency squares and crescents in Kemp Town and Hove. Wilds, a builder, teamed up with Busby, an architect to form a fruitful partnership. Together they built the great estates in Kemp Town and Hove which contain most of Brighton and Hove’s top listed buildings. Busby and Wilds also built a great many individual houses in many parts of Brighton. Born in 1788, Busby published several books on architecture and also lived in America for several years. He lived at Waterloo Place in Brighton and Lansdowne Place in Hove before dying in 1834. He is buried in St Andrew’s Church.

824 Dennis Trident - carried name since delivery in March 2000, repainted into new livery April 2005. Bus sold in February 2013.

456 Volvo Gemini carried name since June 2013 on Route 5.

St Margaret’s Chapel