Names on the buses

820 Dame Flora Robson

920 Dame Flora Robson

Connections with Brighton and Hove : Many stage and screen actors and actresses came to live in Brighton after the Second World War. Among them was Dame Flora Robson, doyenne of the British stage and screen for many decades. Never showy or stuck up, Dame Flora was well loved in her adopted town. She lived in Marine Gardens during the Sixties and Seventies when she was still active on the stage. Later she moved to Wykeham Terrace near the Clock Tower and seldom turned down an invitation to open a fete or garden partite in aid of charity. Among the many buildings she opened was the pioneering toy library in Whitehawk in 1973. Dame Flora appeared many times at the Theatre Royal in Brighton but was more often in long runs in the West End.

820 Dennis Trident convertible open topper - carried name since delivery in May 1999, changed to The Albion Team 2001/02 during May 2002 then back to Dame Flora Robson, also changed to Santa Claus in November 2005 and back to Dame Flora Robson in January after repaint into new livery. Repainted to all over red in May 2008 for City Sightseeing. City Sightseeing branding changed to Plusbus in October 2008. Name moved to 920 Scania Omnidekka open topper March 2015. Bus 820 sold in April 2015.

As Queen Elizabeth I