Names on the buses

814 George Albert Smith

858 George Albert Smith

Connections with Brighton and Hove : Hollywood may be the place most associated with the film industry but Hove is where it all started. Film pioneers were active in the town before 1900 and the most notable for them was George Albert Smith who produced a series of short silent films, often with a comic theme. Many of them were shot in St Ann’s Well Garden, then private ground, where Smith had a studio. Smith also recorded great events such as Queen Victoria’s diamond jubilee procession in 1897, a tour by the Prince of Wales of India and the funeral procession of Edward VII. Next he invented Kinemacolour, the first practical colour film system ever shown to a paying audience. He became disillusioned when he was sued over copyright and retired from film making to become largely forgotten. But after the Second World War, interest in the Hove pioneers revived and Smith was found to be alive, well and living in Hove. He was invited to the opening of the National Film Theatre in London and lived until 1959 when he died aged 94.

858 Dennis Trident delivered in March 2001, originally named Malcolm Farley during April 2001, then changed name in May 2001, on METRO Line 5, repainted into new livery for METRO 5 from December 2004. Repainted into standard livery February 2009. Shuttle 6 branding added July 2009. Shuttle 6 branding removed January 2011. Bus sold in August 2013. Name reintroduced on 814 Mercedes Streetdeck - in December 2016.

His studio in St Ann’s Well Garden