Names on the buses

812 Thomas Kemp
414 Thomas Kemp

Connections with Brighton and Hove : An extraordinarily powerful figure, Thomas Kemp gave his name to the eastern side of Brighton which is known as Kemp Town. His greatest achievements were the enormous and splendid Regency buildings that grace Sussex Square and Lewes Crescent. It was his farmhouse, rented by the Prince of Wales, that was later demolished to make way for the Royal Pavilion. Kemp became MP for Lewes, winning the former seat of his father. But in 1816 he resigned and founded a religious sect. Kemp built his own chapel in Ship Street and preached there for six years. Soon after he moved to a house called The Temple in Montpelier Road. It now forms part of Brighton and Hove High School. He resumed his political career as MP for Arundel before returning to Lewes. Kemp was Lord of the Manor, a magistrate and a town commissioner. He gave large tracts of land away for public buildings such as hospitals. He ran into financial difficulties and had to leave the country. He died in Paris in 1844 but there is a tablet to his memory in St Nicholas Church.

812 Dennis Trident - carried name since delivery in April 1999, originally on METRO Line 1 then repainted into new livery in February 2004 and then METRO Line 7 from April 2004. April 2011 name transferred to 414 Volvo Gemini.

The Temple