Names on the buses

811 Mabel Pratt

Connections with Brighton and Hove : Mabel Pratt grew up in Brighton, was a member of the Peace Pledge Union, and became a Quaker at the age of 21. When only 15 she sold the Peace News at Brighton Station. However her most successful place for sales was on the seafront where she would offer it to people sitting in the shelters who couldn't get away. Her working life took her to the other end of the globe – Tasmania, where she taught in a Quaker school. On retirement in 1982, she returned to Brighton where she became the resident Friend at the Meeting House. Inspired by the Hobart Peace Centre, she was convinced that bigger Brighton should have something similar. She showed enormous vision and determination in helping to create one in Trafalgar Street. Mabel believed that education could change the world and she established the first links with teachers, links that developed into BPEC's work as an education centre in the late 1990s. She liked to get on with things and not beat about the bush. Brighton Peace and Environment Centre over 30 years later still is the fruit of her commitment to world peace and social justice.

811 Mercedes Streetdeck on Route 1 - carried name since December 2016.