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805 Maria Fitzherbert
408 Maria Fitzherbert

Connections with Brighton and Hove : Maria Fitzherbert was the morganatic or unofficial wife of George IV. They married in a secret ceremony on 15 December 1785 in Park Street, London. The union could never bee revealed because Mrs Fitzherbert, a widow, was also a Roman Catholic. She lived in a fine house in Old Steine which is now the YMCA. It was rumoured there was a secret tunnel between there and the Royal Pavilion where the Prince lived. The Prince’s passion cooled for her and he eventually married Caroline whom he did not love. Born Maria Smythe, she married Edmund Weld who died soon after their wedding and then Thomas Fitzherbert who lasted three years. Still young but now rich, she moved to Brighton and had already previously met the Prince at the opera in London. Their illicit wedding took place in London and they continued to see each other regularly, although never staying together in the same house. He ended their relationship when he became Regent, and Maria did not go to the Pavilion again during his lifetime. But he left her a handsome annuity and she was recognised by the next King, William IV, once he realised what had happened. Mrs Fitzherbert remained in Brighton after the monarch had left. She lived with two adopted daughters and some believed that their father was the King. She lived to the ripe old age of 80, dying in 1837. She is buried at St John the Baptist Church in Kemp Town.

805 Dennis Trident - carried name since delivery in April 1999, originally on METRO Line 1 then METRO Line 7 from April 2004, repainted into new livery for METRO 7 in August 2004. April 2011 name transferred to 408 Volvo Gemini.

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