Names on the buses

801 Jessica-Jayde Allen

847 Jessica-Jayde Allen

Connections with Brighton and Hove : First diagnosed in 2011 Jessica-Jayde Allen has been battling the rare bone cancer Ewing Sarcoma since the age of 15. Jessica-Jayde is well know locally for her positive social media posts about her illness and the open-hearted way she helps other young people suffering from terminal illness. After many years of painful treatment Jessica-Jayde has now written a bucket list and getting her name on a bus was a particular goal for her. We are very privileged to name an 801 Mercedes Streetdeck on our Route 1 Jessica-Jayde Allen in honour of this brave young woman. It is with sadness that Jessica-Jayde Allen finally lost her battle with cancer at 17.50 on 11 April 2017.

801 Mercedes Streetdeck on Route 1 - carried name since November 2016. Name moved to Merecedes Streetdeck 847 in January 2018.