Names on the buses

716 Charles Cutress

Connections with Brighton and Hove : The Cutress family has been baking and milling in the Brighton area for hundreds of years. It was Charles Cutress who, late in the 19th century, opened three shops for selling bread. He later bought a bakery in Compton Road. His grandson, also named Charles, ran the village bakery in Ditchling. In 1936 he bought Forfars which ran two businesses – making bread and outside catering. Forfars moved to a new central bakery at Whippingham Street, Brighton in 1949 on a site which had previously been a laundry. During the 1950s and 1960s, Forfars grew very quickly. It opened many shops in and near Brighton. It also ran the Eaton Restaurant in Hove, the Pump House in Brighton and took over Courtlands Hotel in Hove. In 1970 it opened its first town centre shop at Imperial Arcade in Brighton. Charles’s sons split the business with John running hotel and catering and Tony the bakery and shops. Tony’s sons, Matt and Tim, joined the company later and moved the bakery to a site off the A270 in Brighton. Forfars still flourishes and has rebranded its shops under the Fresh banner.

716 Scania Omnicity - carried name since delivery in June 2009 on Metro 5. Surname name spelt incorrectly until 15 July 2009. Metro 5 branding removed May 2013. Bus sold in August 2016.