Names on the buses

714 Sarah Forbes Bonetta

Connections with Brighton and Hove : A West African woman of royal blood, Sarah Forbes Bonetta was orphaned in a massacre when she was eight year old. She was captured and presented to Queen Victoria who was impressed by her manner and intelligence. A British sea captain named Frederick Forbes saved her life by talking King Gezo of Dahomey into giving the girl as a gift to the Queen. She would be a present from the King of the blacks to the Queen of the whites. The Queen, as her godmother, gave permission for her to be married to James Davies at St Nicholas, the mother church of Brighton, in 1862. It was a grand affair with 16 bridesmaids and ten carriages. Captain Forbes described her as a perfect genius who won the affections of all who knew her. Sadly she developed a worrying cough which could not be cured and died from TB in 1880 aged 37. She had also been badly worried by her husband’s financial difficulties. Her daughter, Victoria, was named after the Queen and also became her godchild. When she passed her music exam; the Queen granted everyone in her school a holiday. Victoria stayed in England after Sarah's death but her other children left to live in Lagos.

714 Scania Omnicity - carried name since delivery in June 2009. Bus repainted into standard livery June 2013. Bus sold in August 2016.