Names on the buses

709 Maudie Ottaway

Connections with Brighton and Hove : Maudie Ottaway was a swimming teacher and coach in Brighton for more than 60 years before her death in 2007 aged 94. She was an award-winning swimmer herself in the Twenties before devoting herself to coaching. During her long career she taught more than 6,000 people, most of them children, how to swim. Maudie Ottaway was secretary, first of Brighton Ladies’ Swimming Club and later of Brighton Dolphins, for 58 years. She taught people at the North Road baths before they closed in the Seventies and carried on at the Prince Regent pools. Among those she coached were Jean Caplin, who took part in the 1948 London Olympics, and Mike Read, who went to the 1960 games in Rome. She also coached a team from Fitzherbert School which won the English schools’ championships in 1961. Maudie Ottaway never drove a car and always travelled by bus to work at pools. She was well known for blowing a whistle at the end of every session and shouting; 'Everybody out'. She was honoured at the Millennium by being invited to have lunch with the Queen at the Royal Pavilion when she visited Brighton and Hove. Her two daughters were keen swimmers while her son, John, became chairman of Brighton Swimming Club.

709 Scania Omnicity - carried name since delivery in January 2009 on Metro 5. Repainted into Route 27 livery August 2013. Route 27 branding removed January 2016. Black around destination changed to red. Bus sold in April 2018.