Names on the buses

682 Samuel Lewis

Connections with Brighton and Hove : Born in 1838 at Birmingham to a poor family, Samuel Lewis became one of the wealthiest men in Britain. By the time he died in 1901, he was worth 2.6 million, an enormous sum in those days. Lewis, a money lender, is chiefly known for the affordable housing he provided in many parts of the country for people in need. But he also supported many hospitals including a convalescent hospital at Black Rock, Brighton, and the Royal Sussex County Hospital. He began work aged 13 selling steel pens and later opened a jewellery shop before going into money lending. He lent cash to the most eminent people including many in royal circles, meeting most at racecourses they frequented. Lewis had a home in London and another at Maidenhead but also kept a house at Brunswick Terrace in Hove. The Samuel Lewis Housing Trust was formed after his death and completed its first properties in Islington. It then built other large schemes in many parts of the capital. It became one of the largest providers of rented housing in the South East and in 2001 changed its name to the Southern Housing Group.

682 Scania Omnidekka - carried name since delivery in September 2007 in Regency livery. Regency branding changed March 2011. Repainted into standard livery May 2014. Regency branding added August 2014. Regency branding removed May 2016.