Names on the buses

452 Paul Millmore676 Paul Millmore

Connections with Brighton and Hove : Paul Millmore was one of the most active campaigners for the South Downs to be made a national park. Born in Bradford in 1949, he joined East Sussex County Council as a planner in 1973 and was appointed as the UK’s first heritage coast officer. He set up the volunteer ranger service for the Downs and wrote the national trail guide to the South Downs Way. From his earliest time in Sussex, he wanted national park status for the Downs and this was achieved in 2009. It was largely thanks to his efforts that additional areas were included in the national park such as Lewes. He became a freelance conservation consultant and was briefly the first paid director of the South Downs Society. Living in Lewes, he was vice president of the Southover Bonfire Society, a volunteer flood warden and a committee member of the Friends of Lewes. His hobbies included fishing, collecting coins and travel, especially in the United States. He was married and had two children. He died aged 62.

452 Volvo Gemini - carried name since delivery in September 2012 on Route 7. Name moved to Scania Omnidekka 676 on Regency 29 in February 2014. Repainted into standard livery May 2014. Regency branding added August 2014. Regency branding removed April 2016. Name transferred to Volvo Gemini 432 in June 2016.