Names on the buses

675 King Edward VII

407 King Edward VII

Connections with Brighton and Hove : King Edward VII was a frequent visitor to Brighton and Hove in later life, enjoying walks by the seaside. The climate was thought to be good for his health. He often stayed with his daughter, the Duchess of Fife at Lewes Crescent in Kemp Town. In 1898, when still Prince of Wales, he rode twice on the seashore railway known as Daddy Long Legs. On the first occasion he went independently to Rottingdean and back but reappeared later when the railway proprietor, Magnus Volk, disappointed to have missed the monarch, sent him a personal invitation. Edward often stayed with his wealthy friend, Arthur Sassoon, at King's Gardens in Hove where he was treated in style with many servants attending to his needs. He enjoyed sitting on a bench overlooking the sea and said once: "I like Hove. I like its surroundings and I like its climate." The King paid his last visit to the coast in February 1910 and rumours spread round the town that he might buy a house there. So it was as shock to many local people when his death was announced in May. A special service was held for him at All Saints Church. A procession went there from the town hall. So many people attended that a second service was held afterwards in the open air. Brighton and Hove combined together to provide a memorial which took the form of the Peace Statue on the seafront border of the two towns. There was also enough cash to build a nurses' home.

675 Scania Omnidekka - carried name since delivery in September 2007. Regency 29 branding added May 2011. Name moved to Volvo Gemini 407 in August 2011. Bus 407 rebranded from Route 6 to Route 49 September 2016. Repainted in new version of Route 49 livery December 2016. Branding changed to Route 6 in January 2018