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 672 Havergal Brian

Connections with Brighton and Hove : Brian was one of Britain's most prolific composers, writing 32 symphonies and other orchestral works during a long and productive life. Born in 1876, he was one of the few composers to have originated from the working class. He was born in Stoke but later moved to London. Although he was a friend both of Elgar and Vaughan Williams, Brian never achieved their popularity. However interest in him revived after his death and there is a society devoted to him. As a young man living in Stoke his talent was spotted by a wealthily businessman called Herbert Robinson who offered him a substantial annual income if he would devote his life to composing music. He lived for many years at Hillside in Moulsecoomb before moving to Shoreham where he died aged 96 in 1972. None of Brian's symphonies was performed until he was 78 and the BBC broadcast his eighth. To mark his centenary in 1976,the Corporation undertook the huge task of broadcasting all of them. This was because Brian was discovered by a BBC music producer called Robert Simpson who thought he was a great composer. One symphony, the First ("The Gothic") needs an orchestra of 180 people, four brass bands and four mixed choirs. Only one or two of the 32 are performed more often, despite their modest requirements.

672 Scania Omnidekka - carried name since delivery in Metro 49 livery in August 2007. Branding changed to Coaster 12 in September 2009. Coaster 12 branding removed June 2012. Regency branding added October 2014. Regency branding removed February 2016. Name transferred to Volvo Gemini 424 in April 2016.