Names on the buses

671 Vanessa Bell

Connections with Brighton and Hove : Vanessa Bell, a talented painter who was in the Bloomsbury group, was also the sister of Virginia Woolf, the writer. They were the daughters of Sir Leslie Stephen. Other members included artist Roger Fry, the writer Lytton Strachey and the economist John Maynard Keynes. The two women originally shared a house at Asheham, Beddingham, in 1912 before going their separate ways. Virginia married Leonard Woolf and moved to Monk's House at Rodmell. Vanessa, who had separated from her husband Clive Bell, moved into Charleston near Firle with another artist called Duncan Grant. Charleston was a large old farmhouse at the foot of the South Downs. The two artists at first used it as a holiday home and later made it their permanent house. Vanessa was a single mother with two young sons while Duncan had to work on the land during the First World War because he was a conscientious objector. During the Second World War, Duncan and Vanessa gained permission from the Bishop of Chichester to establish wall paintings in the little church at Berwick near Alfriston. The house, now run by a trust, was always rented from the Gage family who owned Firle Place. It is now open to the public.

671 Scania Omnidekka - carried name since delivery in August 2007 in Metro 49 livery. Branding changed to Coaster 12 in September 2009. Coaster 12 branding removed June 2012. Regency branding added February 2015. Regency branding removed February 2016.