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666 Eleanor Marx

Connections with Brighton and Hove : The youngest daughter of Karl Marx, Eleanor (known as Tussy) showed an early appreciation of politics. She also loved books and the theatre, becoming an actress and translating works of literature. Marx, who was also a teacher in Brighton, met Edward Aveling in 1883 and lived with him for the rest of her life. They were heavily involved in Left-wing politics. She became a trades union activist, taking part in the Bryant and May strike and the dockers' dispute of the 1880s. She also became involved in sorting out her father's papers and making sure his work was appreciated. Marx translated famous works including Madame Bovary by Flaubert and An Enemy of the People by Ibsen. She committed suicide in 1898 after discovering that Aveling had secretly married another woman.

666 Scania Omnidekka - carried name since delivery in September 2005, on Coaster 12. Livery changed to Metro 25 September 2008. Metro 25 branding removed April 2009.

Youngest daughter of Karl Marx