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658 Clementina Black

Connections with Brighton and Hove : Born in Brighton in 1854, Black was one of three radical sisters. She worked for many years in the East End of London to improve social and industrial conditions for women and girls through militant unionism. She was also active in the women's suffrage movement and wrote several books including Sweated Labour and the Minimum Wage. Black was president of the Women's Trade Union Association and was also a member of the Fabian Society. She was a leader of the industrial action at the Bryant and May factory in London by women workers who were protesting about long hours and poor working conditions. The strike was successful but Black found it difficult to get many women to join the trades union movement. Instead she turned to women's suffrage, hoping that if women gained the vote new laws would be passed to help them. In 1915 she wrote a book called Married Women's Work which gave evidence about mistreatment of women workers. She also wrote a popular novel called The Agitator She died at her home in Brighton in 1922.

658 Scania Omnidekka - carried name since delivery in September 2005, on METRO Line 49. Metro 49 branding removed June 2013.

The Fabian Society