Names on the buses

643 Victoria Lidiard

Connections with Brighton and Hove : Born Victoria Simmons she left school aged 14 because her father believed daughters should not receive the same education as sons. Victoria felt strongly about this and with her sisters campaigned for girls to be given equal education to boys. With the female members of her family, she joined the suffragette movement and sold copies of Votes for Women. In 1912, she threw a stone at the War Office building in Whitehall and broke a window. Police found eight more stones in her pockets and she was jailed for two years, She later wore a brooch in the shape of a cage as a reminder. Victoria married Major Alexander Lidiard in 1918. She moved to Palmeira Avenue in Hove and in 1989 celebrated her 100th birthday, She died in 1992 aged 102. Her last years were spent campaigning for women to be ordained to the priesthood. Victoria Lidiard worshipped at St John's Church in Hove and as a great animal lover, she left most of her fortune to the World Society for the Protection of Animals. A plaque was erected on her house in 1996 and was unveiled by the then Speaker, Betty Boothroyd MP.

643 - Scania Omnidekka carried name since September 2004 on Coaster 12. Rebranded to Metro 25 in May 2008. Metro 25 branding removed August 2012.

War Office in Whitehall