Names on the buses

632 Ida Lupino

Connections with Brighton and Hove : A member of the famous theatrical family, she is believed to have been born in 1914 but there was always doubt about her exact age. The Lupinos were known as The Royal Family of Greasepaint and her father, Stanley, was a well-known writer of musical comedies. Both her parents went to work in America when she was seven, leaving Ida at a school in Norman Road, Hove, and being looked after by relatives in the holidays. Ida appeared in local shows at the Hippodrome in Brighton and Hove Town Hall. She also wrote a play while at school, produced it and took a leading role. Her parents returned later and encouraged her theatrical activities, even building a small theatre for her and he sisters. Ida’s first film was called The Love Race and she spent some time in Hollywood. She also appeared in Thank Your Lucky Stars and The Light That Failed which made her a star. Later she appeared in High Sierra, The Hard Way, Road House and Beware my Lovely before achieving more success in The Big Knife. Ida Lupino became a director in 1949 when that was unusual for a woman. She also produced some of her films and made many dramas for TV. She married and divorced three times before her death in 1995 when she was probably over 80. There is a plaque on the house in Norman Road where she went to school but her films are really her best memorials.

632 Scania Omnidekka carried name since delivery in February 2004, on METRO Line 1. Metro branding removed May 2012. Route 48 branding added November 2012. Route 48 branding removed July 2016.

She starred in Road House