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631 Bobby Lee

Connections with Brighton and Hove : Born in Canada, Bobby Lee became a superstar in Brighton where he played ice hockey both before and after the Second World War. He joined the Brighton Tigers, who played at the Sports Stadium in West Street, in 1936 but in the following season he played in London. During the war he went back to Canada where he joined the Services. Returning to England, he found his London side not operating and so he went back to Brighton. In the 1946/47 season he was player coach for the Tigers and they won the National League, the National Tournament and the Autumn Cup. Lee also set a record with two colleagues for the most points scored in one season by a line in Britain - more than 200. He also became the first player to reach the 400-goal mark in British hockey. The Tigers also gained honours the following season and in 1950/51. Lee reached a career total of 472 goals before he retired in 1954. After that he became a publican, running the Mile Oak Inn and the Windmill at Southwick. He died in 1974 aged 63.

631 Scania Omnidekka carried name since delivery in March 2004, on METRO Line 1. Metro 1 branding removed April 2012. Repainted into Route 48 livery January 2013. Route 48 branding removed August 2016.

Brighton Tigers