Names on the buses

628 Dennis Hobden

Connections with Brighton and Hove : Born in Robert Street, Hobden never left Brighton and became one of its best known sons. He started work in the Post Office and became a leading light in its union. He also became prominent in local politics and was elected on to the old Brighton Council. Hobden stood in 1964 for the Parliamentary seat of Kemp Town which had been Tory since being formed in 1950. In a famous contest, he beat the Tory MP David James by seven votes after seven counts helping to give Harold Wilson a narrow majority. Many people claimed to be among those seven. Hobden proved to be a hard working and controversial MP, winning again by a narrow majority in 1966. But in 1970 he lost to Andrew Bowden and never regained the seat. He did not stop his council career and was elected Mayor by the then Tory authority. He then chaired committees when Labour took control of the authority in 1986. A well-liked man with an impish sense of humour and excellent oratory, Hobden has unusual interests for a Labour MP including spiritualism and being a freemason. He died in 1995.

628 Scania Omnidekka carried name since delivery in March 2004, on METRO Line 1. Metro 1 branding removed January 2012. Repainted into Route 48 livery December 2012. Route 48 branding removed August 2016. Bus sold in October 2016.

Kemp Town