Names on the buses

481 Pat Moorman

Connections with Brighton and Hove : Pat Moorman was one of the most popular and well respected journalists in Brighton and Hove. She worked on the Brighton and Hove Gazette weekly paper for many years and then on the Leader until her retirement in 2003. Best known for her coverage of the Brighton Festival and her reviews of plays at the Theatre Royal, Pat also contributed news reports and features. For the Gazette she wrote a children's page under the name of Professor Bullseye. On the Leader she wrote Pat's Page and a nostalgia column called Down Memory Lane. She was well known in the Queen's Park area which she moved to in 1978 with her husband Paul. They were married for 44 years and had four children. Few reporters worked as long in the city as Pat and she was well liked both for her lively writing and her pleasant personality. Pat was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in 2006 and died in 2012 aged 73.

481 Volvo Gemini - carried name since delivery in November 2013 on Route 5. Rebranded to Route 27 in January 2018.