Names on the buses

473 Peter Avis

Connections with Brighton and Hove : Peter Avis, organiser of the Great Dieppe trip for more than 30 years, was also a successful Left wing journalist. As a Communist, he forged close links with the party in Dieppe where they ruled for many years in alliance with the Socialists. Each September from 1978 he took a large party of Communists and Socialists from Brighton to the Normandy resort, known as the Great Dieppe trip. They included many councillors and both of Brighton's then Labour MPs, Des Turner and David Lepper. In later years he widened the composition of the group to include non-political people. He had a huge love for France and the French from an early age and spoke the language fluently. Mr Avis was a constant and passionate campaigner. He often took his children with him to marches and demos, supporting CND and visiting Greenham Common among many other causes. After the collapse of Communism, he became active in the Green Party. He worked for the Observer newspaper and was a reporter at the Morning Star for many years, Mr Avis divided his time between Dieppe and Brighton. He wrote an acclaimed guide book to Dieppe and was made an honorary citizen of the town. He appeared regularly on the European French service of the BBC and made occasional appearances on French TV. He also wrote about British politics for the French media. He died in 2012 aged 83.

473 Volvo Gemini - carried name since delivery in November 2013 on Route 5.