Names on the buses

450 Wendy Richard

Connections with Brighton and Hove : Wendy Richard, the actress who lived in Brighton, was best known for playing Pauline Fowler in the BBC soap EastEnders. She appeared in the first episode and continued playing the downtrodden character until 2006. After attending drama school, she appeared in the Arthur Haynes show on TV. Then in 1962 she had a novelty record number one hit with Mike Sarne for Come Outside. She made a cameo appearance in the film Gumshoe, directed by Albert Finney who sent her a congratulatory telegram. Richard’s first big TV hit was in Are You Being Served? as Shirley. She also appeared in the sequel Grace and Favour. Her stage appearances included pantomime at the theatre riyal in Brighton and she also had roles in two Carry On films. She enjoyed appearing in TV quizzes like Blankety Blank and the radio show Just a Minute. She was a regular guest on chat shows. Richard had a long battle with cancer and eventually died from the disease in 2009 aged 62.

450 Volvo Gemini - carried name since delivery in September 2012. Branding added for Route 7 in July 2015. Repainted into Route 2 livery July 2017.