Names on the buses

445 Antony Dale

Connections with Brighton and Hove : Antony Dale was one of the leading conservationists in Brighton for many years after the Second World War. With colleagues including historian Clifford Musgrave he formed the Regency Society of Brighton and Hove in 1945. This was in response to proposals by Hove Council to pull down Brunswick Square and to build a car park under the lawns. He remained honorary secretary for 45 years and was one of Britain's foremost authorities on Regency architecture. His battles included opposing demolition of the Adelaide Crescent ramps in Hove and plans for a car park on top of Regency Square in Brighton. Dale also managed to get the Lewes Road viaduct in Brighton listed days before its demolition but the disused structure was eventually pulled down. Educated at Brighton College and Oriel College, Oxford, he was an investigator of historic buildings at the Department of the Environment. Among his many books, Fashionable Brighton, The History and Architecture of Brighton, About Brighton, Brighton Town and Brighton People and Brighton Cemeteries rank with the best on the city’s architecture and development. Dale, who lived in Kemp Town, also wrote a history of the Theatre Royal in Brighton, He died in 1993, aged 81.

445 Volvo Gemini - carried name since delivery in September 2012 on Route 7. Repainted into Route 2 livery June 2017.