Names on the buses

419 Harry Ricardo

Connections with Brighton and Hove : Sir Harry Ricardo established his world famous engineering consultancy near the old Toll Bridge in Shoreham in 1927. Born in 1884, he achieved fame early on by inventing the two-stroke engine for the Dolphin car. It was also used for boats and power plants. Ricardo also designed a series of engines for tanks, then new weapons, in the First World War, making them effective in battle. He invented the Comet Swirl Chamber for the IDI diesel engine which was used by manufacturers around the world. Developed versions are still in use today. Ricardo also became interested in aero engine technology, attracting interest from Napier, Bristol and Rolls Royce. He improvised with the Rolls Merlin engine during the Second World War and assisted Sir Frank Whittle with his jet engine. Knighted in 1948, he lived most of his life in Shoreham. He was married and had three children. After his death aged 89 in 1974, his company, Ricardo Consulting, continued to pioneer innovations in engines.

419 Volvo Gemini - carried name since delivery in April 2011 on Route 7. Branding changed to Route 1 March 2012. In July 2015 vinyls added celebrating 100 years of Ricardo's. Route 1 branding removed January 2016. Repainted into Brighton Fun Bus livery in February 2017.