Names on the buses

416 Cardinal Newman

Connections with Brighton and Hove : When the Pope came to Britain in 2010, he proclaimed John Henry Newman as blessed which is one step short of being a saint. Born in 1801, Newman was a prominent Anglican who converted to Roman Catholicism and became a cardinal. He came to Brighton in 1826 as head of the family following his father's death to find a suitable home for his mother and sisters. Rejecting Worthing as damp and dull, Newman settled on Brighton because of its fashionable new architecture and bracing climate. Newman moved his family into a house at the top end of Marine Square in Kemp Town. The ides was that he could live there when given time off from being a tutor and examiner at Oriel College in Oxford. This did occur but his youngest sister Mary fell ill and died there early in 1828. Two years later the family moved to Oxford. Newman returned to Brighton to sail to France with a friend in 1846 and had a holiday there in 1861. He visited his sister's grave and laid flowers on it. Newman became an Anglican priest in 1825 and a leader in the Oxford movement which sought to return the Church of England to many Catholic beliefs. He became a Catholic priest 22 years later. He was also a notable writer and his autobiography was well received. He also composed poetry. He died in 1890 aged 89. Cardinal Newman School in Upper Drive, Hove, is named after him. It is one of the largest and most successful Catholic schools in Sussex.

416 Volvo Gemini - carried name since delivery in April 2011 on Route 7. Route 7 branding removed September 2012. Route 49 branding added November 2012. Route 49 branding removed December 2017.