Names on the buses

413 Tony Hewison

Connections with Brighton and Hove : Tony Hewison was the dynamic resort director who brought Brighton into the conference and entertainment age from the bucket and spade era. Arriving in Brighton in 1972 just after the bold decision had been made by councillors to build the Brighton Centre, he ensured that the new 5,000 seat arena was used to the best advantage of Brighton. Hewison regained the main party conferences for the town from Blackpool and attracted a series of international conferences as well. But he insisted that half the time at the Centre should be used for entertainment. This ensured Brighton attracted top names right from the start. He also initiated the link between Brighton and Holiday on Ice which still ensures a popular ice show comes to the centre each January. Hewison was feted by councillors when he negotiated the arrival of the Eurovision Song Contest in Brighton in 1974. It was won by Abba with Waterloo. Sadly, Hewison died prematurely from cancer in 1984 before he could achieve more triumphs for Brighton. He is remembered by the Hewison Hall in the Brighton Centre. He left a widow and two sons.

413 Volvo Gemini - carried name since delivery in April 2011 on Route 7. Route 7 branding removed September 2012. Metro 49 branding added December 2012. Repainted in new Route 49 livery February 2017. Route 49 branding removed September 2017.