Names on the buses

303 Robert Bevan

Connections with Brighton and Hove : Robert Cooper Lee Bevan was born in 1809 and he became a senior partner of Barclays Bank. While living in Brighton, Bevan saw the deplorable state of the slums. As a Christian he wanted to "push back the tide of evil and ignorance" in the town. In 1849 discussions over some kind of mission for Brighton were coming to a head. It was finally decided that a town mission should be established based on the same principles as those of the London City Mission. Bevan and a few others started the Brighton and Hove City Mission (BHCM) and tackled poverty. BHCM has always aimed to serve the city, with the Church, for Christ in the most relevant ways possible. Ever since the days of Bevan, it has adapted to the city’s changing needs with helping the poor its top priority. It runs the Brighton food bank, the schools team and the rest homes team, with 11 staff and 54 volunteers. Bevan would be proud of what he started all those years ago.

303 Alexander Dennis Enviro - carried name since September 2019.