Names on the buses 54 John Peckham

Connections with Brighton and Hove : John Peckham, who was born around 1230, is probably the oldest traceable inhabitant of Brighton. A native of Patcham north of Brighton, he came from a poor family. He attended Lewes Priory and became a monk around 1250. Peckham then studied in Paris and had theological debates with St Thomas Aquinas about the nature of the soul. He also was taught optics and astronomy. Returning to England in 1270, he taught at Oxford and was elected the Franciscan provincial minister of England in 1275.

He was appointed Archbishop of Canterbury in 1279 and tried to improve discipline in the clergy, meeting much opposition. Peckham also ended the abuse of clergy being able to hold more than one benefice. His reforming efforts were bound to cause friction but Peckham did not help his cause through his brusque manner. Another edict of his was that a copy of the Magna Carta should be displayed in all cathedrals and collegiate churches.

Peckham served King Edward I in Wales, forming a low opinion of the Welsh people and laws. He wrote many works on optics, philosophy, and theology and composed several hymns. Some manuscripts survive. When he died in 1292, he was buried in Canterbury Cathedral but his heart was given to the Franciscans for burial.

54 Scania Omnilink carried name since delivery in September 2008, on SHUTTLE 50. SHUTTLE 50 branding removed January 2012.