Bus Service Changes from 13 April 2014

(Updated 14 February 2014)

Brighton & Hove Buses are pleased to announce improvements and changes to a number of bus services from the start of our summer timetable on 13 April 2014.  Once again, a number of these are the result of suggestions made by our passengers and drivers, and we have worked closely with Brighton Area Buswatch in developing an improved service for Queens Park. 


Full timetables will be published online at www.buses.co.uk and in the new summer Bus Times book in early April. 


We are always pleased to receive suggestions for improvements but as timetables have to be finalised some time in advance we would need to receive these by the end of May 2014 to be considered for the September 2014 Bus Times book.  Please contact us by email at info@buses.co.uk or write to us at 43 Conway Street, Hove, BN3 3LT.


1, 1A

Revised timetable on Mondays to Saturdays giving buses more time to complete their journeys and more catch up time at each end to improve reliability.


2, 2A

All service 2A journeys renumbered 2. 


Minor timing changes on early morning journeys from Woodingdean and Rottingdean on Mondays to Saturdays to improve reliability.  



One extra morning journey from the Universities on Mondays to Fridays.



Revised timetable on Mondays to Saturdays giving buses more time to complete their journeys and more catch up time at each end to improve reliability.


The first journey from Brighton Station to Downs Park on Mondays to Fridays is withdrawn due to very low passenger numbers.


Improved frequency from Brighton Station in the early evenings on Mondays to Saturdays.



Revised timetable on Mondays to Saturdays and Sundays giving buses more time to complete their journeys and more catch up time at each end to improve reliability.


On Saturdays there is extra running time during the daytime but slightly less during the evening peak to improve reliability and reduce early running in the evening peak.


On Sundays there is an improved frequency in the late evenings after 11pm, and also from George Street in the mornings around 7.30am.


12, 12A, 12X

Significantly improved service with more journeys all day on Mondays to Saturdays.  Limited stop service 12X will run in both directions during the daytime, and there are more buses on Mondays to Fridays in the morning peak towards Brighton and in the evening peak from Brighton.


Buses will have more time to complete their journeys and more catch up time at each end of the route and also along the route on all days of the week to improve reliability.


Service 12A terminates at Eastbourne Arndale Centre instead of the Pier on all days of the week.  Services 12 and 12X will continue to run to Eastbourne Pier.


There is a new early morning journey from Seaford to Brighton Station on Mondays to Saturdays connecting with the first train to London.  This was suggested by a passenger.


There is also a new journey between Brighton Station and Newhaven at 10.33pm on Mondays to Saturdays in July and August due to buses being very full at this time of the evening last year.


On Mondays to Saturdays the last evening journey from Brighton is extended to Chyngton Estate in Seaford and there is a new later journey from Brighton to Seaford at 12.18am which connects with the train from London Victoria to Brighton which arrives just after midnight. 


On Sundays service 12A is diverted via Paradise Park in Newhaven instead of serving Avis Way.



Operates Saturdays and Sundays from 13 April and then every day from the middle of June.


14, 14B, 14C

The early morning journey on Mondays to Fridays at 6am from Newhaven will start instead at Peacehaven, Meridian Centre at 6.11am and will terminate at Brighton Station instead of Hangleton.


The frequency from Peacehaven improved to every ten minutes on Mondays to Fridays in the morning peak, and one journey is extended to Cardinal Newman School on schooldays.


One afternoon journey is extended beyond Hangleton to Mile Oak on Mondays to Fridays as a partial replacement for the withdrawal of service 55 journeys.


The 4.08pm arrival at Meridian Centre on Mondays to Fridays is extended to Newhaven to maintain the hourly frequency.


Evening peak and early evening journeys between the city centre and Hangleton are altered on Mondays to Saturdays.  The 5.40pm from Brighton Station runs later, at 6.06pm, and the 5.47pm and 6.10pm journeys from Hangleton now start at Churchill Square or Brighton Station.  There is a new journey from Hangleton at 6.32pm.


On Sundays, alternate journeys operate as service 14B via the Marina, following feedback from our passengers.  There is also an improved frequency from Peacehaven on Sunday mornings.


NEW 18

NEW SERVICE Queens Park Shuttle.  Operates a 12 minute frequency loop in one direction from Imperial Arcade via St James’s Street, Queens Park, Elm Grove, Open Market, Brighton Station (Frederick Place) and Dyke Road. 


In the evenings the 18 will run every 15 minutes and on Sundays it will run every 20 minutes, giving a much more frequent service at these times.


This replaces the 81, and along with routes 20 and 21 will provide a better and more frequent service to Queens Park.


For a map showing the route in Queens Park click here


NEW 20

NEW SERVICE  Hove Town Hall and Furze Hill to Queens Park, running every 30 minutes. 


From Hove Town Hall the route will be via the Sussex County Cricket Ground, Furze Hill, Montpelier Road, Western Road, Churchill Square, North Street, then a one way loop via London Road Shops, Elm Grove, Queens Park, Edward Street, Old Steine and back to Hove Town Hall via Western Road.


Early mornings, evenings and Sundays operates to Brighton Station instead of Furze Hill.


For a map showing the route in Queens Park click here


20, 20X

Steyning – Shoreham – Brighton : renumbered 60.


One morning journey from Steyning runs 5 minutes earlier.


21, 21A, 21B

Route revised to operate between Goldstone Valley and Brighton Marina via the existing 81 route then via London Road, Elm Grove, Queens Park Road, Queens Park Terrace then Manor Hill and the service 21 route to the Marina.


Combined with new services 18 and 20 this will provide more buses between Queens Park and the city centre, and will link Manor Hill with North Street and Churchill Square during the daytime for the first time in many years.


The route will run every 30 minutes in the daytime with extra short journeys during the daytime until mid afternoon between Churchill Square and the Marina making a 15 minute frequency over this section.


On Sundays the frequency will be hourly during the daytime between Goldstone Valley and the Marina via Furze Hill as service 21A, replacing services 81A, 81C.  On Sunday evenings service 21B will continue to run between the Marina and Churchill Square (but via the 21 route in Queens Park).


For a map showing the route in Queens Park click here


22, 22A

More time allowed on the morning schoolday journeys on service 22A to account for traffic congestion in the Downs Hotel area.


Adjustments to some departure times before 9am on Mondays to Saturdays and more journeys continue to Brighton Station to improve train connections.


The afternoon school journey from Longhill School operates as far as the Open Market instead of Old Steine.



Slight reduction in frequency towards the Marina in the morning peak and mid afternoon on Mondays to Fridays.  Buses have more catch up time in the afternoons to improve reliability.


The frequency on Sundays is reduced to hourly and there will be no service on Sunday evenings due to the ending of funding from the Better Bus Areas fund.



More running time is being allowed in the daytime between Churchill Square and Lewes Road Garage on Mondays to Saturdays to improve reliability.


However due to the new bus lanes there is a slight reduction in running time between Lewes Road Garage and Hollingbury Asda.  More catch up time is being allowed at both Imperial Arcade and Hollingbury Asda.



Minor changes to timings in the morning and evening peaks with an extra journeys running to or from Portslade.


The evening frequency is altered on Mondays to Saturdays from every 10 minutes at all times to every 7/8 minutes in term time and every 15 minutes during vacations to provide more buses when they are most needed.



Departure times from Churchill Square on Mondays to Saturdays advanced by 1 minute to provide a more even frequency with service 46, and more layover time allowed at both Imperial Arcade and Hollingbury Asda to improve reliability.


One afternoon schoolday journey that often gets delayed by the volume of pupils at Varndean is revised to start from Varndean rather than Hollingbury Asda. 



New earlier journeys at from Saltdean on Sunday mornings.  This was suggested by our passengers.


The frequency on Sundays during the daytime is increased from every 30 minutes to every 20 minutes to provide a much better service.  This was suggested by our drivers and Supervisors as last summer we were finding that buses were very busy on Sundays.


More running time is allowed in the evenings on Mondays to Saturdays as some evening journeys tend to run late.  The opportunity has been taken to improve train connections in both directions at Brighton Station.  This was suggested by a regular passenger.


28, 29

Significantly improved service for Uckfield on Mondays to Saturdays, suggested by our drivers.  The short journeys between Brighton and Lewes are extended to Uckfield between approximately 9am and 2pm.  These new journeys operate via Isfield, improving the service from hourly to half hourly at these times.


Some late evening journeys on service 28 are extended to Manor Park on Mondays to Saturdays.  This was suggested by passengers at the Bus Users UK event in Uckfield.


All evening journeys from Brighton will run five minutes earlier, leaving Churchill Square on the hour and at half past.


The 6.17am service 29 journey from Brighton on Mondays to Fridays will no longer operate via Isfield in order to save time.  On most days no one boards there yet the bus is often late arriving in Tunbridge Wells on Mondays to Fridays due to the volume of schoolchildren.  On Mondays to Fridays the journey is re-timed to depart from Churchill Square at 6.12am and on Saturdays it is replaced by an earlier journey at 5.52am.


There is a minor timing alteration to the morning 29X to improve a train connection at Lewes, suggested by a regular passenger.


On Sundays there are fewer journeys serving Manor Park due to low passenger numbers, but two journeys in each direction are diverted via East Hoathly following a request from the Parish Council.



Some minor timing changes in the early mornings with an extra journey from Brighton Station to Bristol Estate at 7am on Mondays to Saturdays.


38, 38A

Service 38 will continue unchanged, and new service 38A will run in the evenings and on Sundays replacing services 81A and 81C.  It will run between Meadowview and North Street via Brighton Station, providing a more direct link with the city centre.



The frequency is reduced from every 12 minutes to every 15 minutes following the ending of funding from the Better Bus Areas fund.  However the service will now continue to serve Churchill Square in Western Road as it does now.


Evening journeys on Mondays to Saturdays extended to and from Brighton Station to improve train connections and maintain a standard pattern of service all day.


There are minor timing alterations to school bus 48E which is re-numbered 48.


There are some minor adjustments to timings before 9am on Mondays to Saturdays.  Journeys towards Bevendean before 9am start from St Peter’s Church.



The 5.25pm and 6.10pm journeys from Old Steine to Mile Oak are withdrawn due to low passengers numbers.


One journey on service 14C is extended beyond Hangleton to Mile Oak to maintain the link for staff at Legal & General in Hove.  Service 56 provides an alternative service for Old Shoreham Road with departures from Old Steine at 5.20pm and 6.20pm.


59, 59A

All journeys are advanced to start from Shoreham earlier and more running time is being allowed to improve reliability.


NEW 60

This is the new number for journeys on services 20 and 20X between Steyning, Shoreham and Brighton.



This school journey will run 3 minutes earlier.



Revised timetable to improve reliability.

78, 79

Run an extra hour for the summertime.

81, 81A, 81B, 81C

Routes withdrawn and replaced by services 18, 20 and 21.



Starts five minutes earlier to improve reliability, due to traffic congestion by the Downs Hotel, Lewes Road/Coombe Road and Preston Drove.



The school bus is withdrawn due to the termination of the contract by East Sussex County Council.  It is partially replaced by an extra morning journey on service 14 that is extended to Cardinal Newman School on schooldays.



The 3.15am journey is extended to Seaford Library.